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Girls beat Palestinian woman in Jerusalem rail station:

TUESDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2013 14:29 
A group of Israeli girls beat a Palestinian woman Monday afternoon at a light rail station in Jerusalem.

The Israeli news source reports that the light rail security guard, as well as some 100 religious Israeli men, stood by and did nothing as the woman was beaten at the Kiryat Moshe rail station in Jerusalem. The attackers also managed to pull her headscarf off. Eyewitness Dorit Yarden Dotan, who was horrified by the violence and took photos of the beating with her telephone, reports that the security guard even "watched and smiled". "It was simply terrible," she added.

Hours later, a demonstration took place in downtown Jerusalem to mark six months since the savage lynch of 20 year old Hassan Usruf in the area. To date none of the some 20 Israeli youths who beat him have been punished. 

Eyewitnesses report that the light rail security guard watched with a smile as the Palestinian woman was beaten (Photo: Dorit Yarden Dotan,

Never forget this photo:

الصورة لمستوطن يهودي يلقي خمرا على سيدة فلسطينية بالضفة الغربية
حازت هذه الصورة على المركز الثالث في المسابقة العالمية للتصوير2009 بمجال الأخبار العامة

Jewish settler throws wine at Palestinian woman, Hebron, West Bank, 10 March.
Winners of World Press Photo
Rina Castelnuovo, Israel, for The New York Times

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