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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Since this is World Spay Day, I feel like it is our day too (since we are kind of s/n know!). So I want to share with you what is happening. As many of your know the ASNI / RAR dream team is in Suriname now providing free spay neuter on this special day. In Romania, RAR did 49 free spay/neuters in Moreni in early February to celebrate WSD. Upcoming this year, we have these plans that are funded: Moreni, 100 spays/neuters for a program in the... Spring (50 sponsored, 50 by Romania Animal Rescue). RAR is funding spay/neuter for 150 dogs in the villages surrounding Bucharest for the Red Panda charity. RAR has been funding the s/n for 50 dogs for Nanu Madalina in Craiova this winter. RAR is funding the spay/neuter for dogs in factory yards and along the sides of the roads for Asociatia A Doua Sansa (30 s/n). In May RAR will be holding another Spayathon in Craiova for the charity Sperantu Pentru Animale Craiova. This summer, we are planning to go to Asociatia Tora Bistrita once again to do more s/n. So far, funds for 250 s/n have been secured for this project. City Hall is paying for 100 s/n (GREAT news!!!) and Romania Animal Rescue is funding 150 free spay/neuters. The Bistrita folks are asking for us to come and do 500 total, but until funds are raised for this, we are not able to provide enough for 500 s/n. Wivi Dogpage, please let us know how many s/n we need to aim for in Barlad for Lucia and the Azorel shelter. So far we have received no donations for this project in Barlad. RAR will be returning to Tecuci as always once the weather is good to provide up to 100 free s/n per month as our funding allows. We also intend to go to Adjud, hopefully once in the Spring for 50 s/n and once in the summer for another 50 spays/neuters. So that's the update with our funds of availability for now. Not to mention our vet treatments provided for free for impoverished people and educational programs....have to wait until World Animal Education Day I guess!!! Love to you all, and thanks for your support. Neuter of Spay! No More Strays! No More Suffering!


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