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Your help is needed now to reverse a decision by the U. S. government to increase the number of sea turtles that Hawaiian longline fishing can catch or kill in their pursuit of swordfish.

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Sea turtles in the Pacific are in danger of being driven to extinction from fisheries bycatch. The survival of each adult is critical to their continued existence!

Leatherback captures - increased from 16 to 20 per year.

Loggerhead captures - increased from 17 to 34 per year.

Leatherbacks have declined 95% in the Pacific, and loggerheads are now up-listed as "endangered" by the Endangered Species Act after being "threatened" for over a decade. This horrific decline is primary due to the death of adult sea turtles in commercial fishing gear. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project and our Hawaiian allies are challenging this decision in court and need additional public pressure to sway the federal rulemakers.

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Chris Pincetich, Ph.D.
Outreach & Education Manager
Turtle Island Restoration Network
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