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The hearing on Agenda Item 2B1 happens today in Wisconsin folks! Very soon if it hasn't happened already. Lets pray, or do what ever it is you do, and hope that dogs are taken OUT of Wisconsin's wolf hunt! Send all the positive energy you can to the wonderful people who are speaking up for the wolves ♥

They're talking about possibly training though March which means early litters of wolf pups will be killed or die because of being left parent-less. And training on a pregnant wolf will only ensure the death of the wolf pups! I mean -come on- they can wipe out the entire 2013 generation by training on the pregnant wolves. Especially now that we hear den site coordinates have been given out. It's not a hoax. Would Wisconsin actually admit if it were true? Keep the truth alive! Pregnant wolves can be trained on endlessly how could any pregnancy survive 24 hour non stop viscous attacks from 6 dogs at a time? They will devastate the remaining population of wolves. They're purposely trying to create a rift that the wolves can't over come and they're trying to start with wiping out the 2013 generation. 

Here is last nights e-mail from my Wisconsin contact who has been doing A LOT for the wolves and knows more about what's been going on "we will know soon what is going on…the judge said NO TRAINING of dogs..but they are [also] talking about training YEAR round..which mean basically wolf hunt all year long!! you can go in the woods 'after a coyote' and 'have a wolf attack' and kill it..this is out of control tomorrow is the hearing …where we will all be up speaking.. ...I will email you tomorrow after the hearing….."

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