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Join Give Florida's Child Abuse Victims Back Their Rights!

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I am Blair Corbett lead admin on this cause and founder of Ark of Hope for Children. I am requesting that you first click this link AND JOINGive Florida's Child Abuse Victims Back Their Rights!THEN pledge to share about our new cause to help give it a strong start. 

We started this new cause in partnership with the Stop Abuse Campaign to Reform the Statutes of Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse in Florida. Members of this current cause already know that the damage often caused by child abuse last a lifetime. Yet the abusers are unfairly protected in how long a victim has to take action for justice and restitution. let us work together to change that in Florida and other states by uniting in purpose and action. 

"Be part of learning from history by changing the future for those victimized by child abuse" in Florida. Please join the new cause AND promote it even if you are not from Florida. We will be assisting in starting causes in other states to change their Statues of Limitation on Child Abuse as well. And I will again request your partnership and leadership in getting those state causes a kick start when state leaders are identified* and those are formed.
*(If you are interested and willing to push hard for child abuse S.O.L. reform in your state, please comment email me, Blair Corbett, at [email protected])


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