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All World Leaders in the African Continent and the Public

During the dark days of slavery, Africans were captured and sold as chattels. After capture, they were passed through doors notoriously named, "DOOR OF NO RETURN," to slave traders ships waiting on the shores of their homeland they never had the chance to return to once they got caught. Africans were taken away in the bowels of the slave trader’s ships, never to see the Homeland, never again. Under the deplorable conditions the slaves were subjected to during the passage, many got sick along the awful journey; some died of the sickness, and their bodies cast at sea.

This is not the first time that such a move is being made; in the first instance, it was commenced in 1920, by the late Marcus Garvey, a loyal leader of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements. He launched the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Harlem. Garvey addressed 25,000 Africans in Madison Square Garden. Garvey established the first mass movement for Africans in the United States of America; however, knowing what we know now, we think it would be worth the while for us to continue the good works started by the early civil rights leaders to bring relief to humanity. Welcome to the noble cause; let's grab the Bull by the Horns, and move the chains back to Africa..."Doors of Yes Return" is a vision...together, we can make it happen.

The caption: DOOR OF YES RETURN, is a plan to continue the good works started by our ANCESTORS, hundreds of years ago, making it possible for us to go back home to Africa; Never too late. We aim to set up the “Doors of Yes Return” in all the countries of Africa, and at all given Ports of Harbor in Africa. This Cause is also a sequel to a movie; the title of the movie would be "DOORS OF YES RETURN" which is on the burner of the historic launch of this petition.

This Cause will reflect on the history of the People of the World, including the revision of 551 (five hundred fifty one) years of history, between Africa and the World, beginning in 1462 to present year 2013. Thanks!


Gibrill Mustapha

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People should sign the petition because without people help, no one person can accomplish the vision; and this project involves people, and the lives we have been blessed with by the Almighty GOD.


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