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The Public who has dealt with discrimination due to Economic hardship affording an attorney to protect there family

That the Government should not use any law firm that has illegaly enriched themselves from theft of another person.


Virginia Law

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Freedom - The Right to a Fair Trial - Is Lost in Virginia - The United States Constitution calls for Due Process it is our Fundimental Right as a Citizen in any other State - What has happen to me can happen to you - I am you   That Jerry Heckman Founder of Keller Heckman has beneffited from the money his wife also an attorney Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman -  stole from a Trust account her law firm was overseeing - and lied about it - lies in court - files false documents  -  That our tax dollars go to her through the Keller Heckman law firms government contracts -  Sonia Grenadier who they stole the money from was in her late 80's -  would you want that to happen to one of your family members?

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