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Attend the Up to Us UTexas Jeopardy Game match this Tuesday 2/26 at 6pm!

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How this will help

As part of our event series designed to raise awareness about the fiscal debt crisis, we will be having a Jeopardy, fiscal debt trivia night.

The contestants invited to be represented are:

College Republicans
Omricon Delta Epsilon
Texas Economic Association
Longhorn Libertarians

On February 26th, the Up to Us UTexas Team will be hosting a Jeopardy game match between three groups. The groups are expected to know the basics of the fiscal debt and compete for the following for a first place prize of $125. The event will be held at CLA 0.130 at 6pm; there will be plenty of food for everyone attending. In addition to the 1st place prize, the group that can being the most amount of people to the event will win $75, as tracked by a signup sheet, helping encourage the participating groups to encourage their members to attend.

There will be 4 categories:

1)  Entitlements

2)  Taxes and Spending

3)  Surplus and Deficits

4)  Causes – Hook the Debt


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