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My Father died on January 14, 2006. His name is Lewis C Henry Sr. He died due to complications of agent orange. His name is not listed on the wall because he didn't die during the war or while he was there. However, he started dying when they sprayed this killer herbicide. We lost my father before he ever died. He died a long suffering death. Yet he is not recognized. Hundreds and hundreds of veterans die due to these complications. Why are we not recognizing all that they gave? Give them a wall....appreciate what they did......give them some kind of respect.


Heidi Wilson

They all stood up and gave all the could...they did not fall in another country but they still died for their country. I am proud to say I will stand up and say thank you....I am proud to be the daughter of someone who gave all...Time to give something back to them.  Please note the picture shown was copied of The digital journalist and  a full list of other pics can be found at


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