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A few weeks ago I had the privilege to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to visit Lola ya Bonobos -- the world's only bonobo sanctuary in the world. This peaceful place serves as a refuge for dozens of rescued bonobo orphans -- victims of the bushmeat or exotic pet trades -- many of them just infants. The center is run, and was founded by, the amazing Claudine Andre, a life-long resident of DRC who's father was a veterinarian. In a country where everyday life can be difficult to manage, she has succeeded in realizing the amazing success of this important great ape sanctuary -- and of helping to protect the endangered bonobo. 

Please join me in supporting this important cause! Your donation will go to saving the lives of rescued bonobos and will help save this important species. I have seen first-hand, the great work of the team at Lola ya Bonobos, and can say that they do an absolutely fantastic time. But they need our support in order to keep doing this important work. Please help, thank you!

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