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Victims of unlawful arrests, police state victims, and empathizers of the broken justice system

The reason tonight's episode of Liberty Cap Talk Live is being postponed again is this:

My permanent panelist Mark Daniels was arrested in the evening of Wednesday, February 20, 2012 at 8:02 p.m. EST. He was cuffed after his roommate called the cops and told the officers in attendance that Mark was inebriated and physically abusive toward him.

I didn't want to bring this up, but given that I have a show to run for the entire season, I have no choice but to bring this up, as Mark is a member of my staff.

The officers in question placed him under arrest but the events surrounding the arrest spun out of control. According to the roommate, the officer claimed that Mark was resisting arrest and assaulted him. When Mark hit Tom (the roommate), his glasses flew off his face and he wasn't able to see the "physical" altercation going on. There was another person in the room and he seemed to "be out of it." Tom heard some noise in the background, and he also heard a taser going off.

The officer told his partner and another cop in attendance that he would do everything in his power to see Mark be put in the state pen.

Mark was sent to the jailhouse and has been in county lock-up ever since. Friday morning he stood before a judge at the courthouse and the magistrate set his bond to $100,000. Everyone from Christina Tobin to other Liberty activists in Mark's neck of the woods has been notified of this. I wasn't told about this until this morning when Tom the roommate called me and told me himself. I asked Tom if I could record our conversation, and he said yes. I have it recorded it on my iPhone 5 voice memo (it's 1 hour and 8 minutes long!).

They're trying to find an attorney for him, and raise money to get him out. Mark's next scheduled court date is March 18. If a mutual aid bail-out fund can be set-up for him, that would be great, and I would be glad to see that happen.

Otherwise, a public defender has been assigned to him, and he'll have to wait it out until March 18.

Does anyone know how to transfer a voice memo in m4a format to a PC? I tried to cut it down in 9 parts and email it to Gmail, but it won't come up in my email box as I had it addressed to me. I tried one part for Yahoo as a message rather than as an email; same issue.

Thanks everyone!

Yours Truly in Liberty,

Todd Andrew Barnett
Host, Liberty Cap Talk Live

Here's a link to the local news in Lonoke County, Arkansas about this situation:

The photo used in the article, by the way, was taken more than 10 years ago.

Story by David Harten

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Lonoke man is in custody after two sheriff's deputies say he assaulted them Wednesday evening.


Mark Lewis Daniels, 46. + Enlarge

According to a news release from the Lonoke County sheriff's office, the two deputies arrived on the scene of a domestic-disturbance call at 8:02 p.m. The call came from a residence on Joyner Loop in Lonoke.

Authorities entered the house to find Mark Lewis Daniels, 46, on the couch following a verbal dispute with a roommate that turned physical. According to the sheriff's report, the deputies said Daniels began to verbally assault them.

As Daniels was arrested, the report says he punched one deputy in the side of the head and pulled the hair of the second. State troopers were then called to the scene to assist.

Daniels also attempted to kick the windows out of the patrol vehicle while being taken to the Lonoke County jail, according to the report.

In all, Daniels was charged with five counts of second-degree battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and one count of third-degree domestic battery. It was also discovered Daniels had outstanding warrants out of Faulkner and Cleburne counties as well as with the Sherwood Police Department.

If people can start a mutual aid fund to help cover Mark's legal defense expenses and pay for his bail so he can get out, I would appreciate it. Please he needs all the support he can get.


Todd Barnett

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How this will help

We need to hold the officers at the Lonoke County jailhouse accountable for their heinous actions and get Mark out of jail and bring justice to Mark. This entails bringing this matter to a speedy,...

We need to hold the officers at the Lonoke County jailhouse accountable for their heinous actions and get Mark out of jail and bring justice to Mark. This entails bringing this matter to a speedy, resolute end.

Help him get out before March 18th right away!!!


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