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Tsotne Mamulashvili – painter, teacher and photographer and NATO Informational Center expert was placed under arrest at 03.30 a.m. on February 14, 2013 with violation of all procedure rules in the best KGB traditional manner of 1930-ies; the action took place at his friend’s house where they had been working on their joint film script planned. The persons representing law-enforcement system told lies explaining that he (Tsotne) had to follow them as a witness to testify. But, the legal procedure of examination of a person with the status of witness was far from the methods they used in respect of Tsotne Mamulashvili. They told lies when explaining they had been at his -Tsotne Mamulashvili’s house but not finding him at home Tsotne’s mother told them where her son was. Evidently they had no warrant needed to arrest Tsotne and that was the reason of mentioning the status of a witness. It was a de-facto arrest of Tsotne; normally under the law, summons is required to invite any person to testify. Here we are observing evident violation of procedure and legal rules but it was just start of series of lies… Once Tsotne Mamulashvili was brought to the police department building he was informed he was suspected in robbery of a currency exchange booth together with several “accessories”. Tsotne Mamulashvili is grandson of Iza Orjonikidze, well-known poet and son of Maya Orjonikidze, painter. Maya Orjonikidze is widely known as a socially active person. Since the October election she has expressed and fixed her attitude to the new power publicly not once being very principal and negative doing so. On this background the dirty criminal case fabricated against Tsotne Mamulashvili looks pretty logical; it is clear that we have oppression and victimization of anyone having different opinion and different ideas in general by the regime of Ivanishvili using all methods available. Georgian society is not easy to fool and people see the underlying political cause. Therefore, the arrest of Tsotne Mamulashvili based on absurd accusations has wide repercussions in the society today. The number of people who see the dirty methods applied by the power today against people with different thinking is big and it will grow as time passes to put an end to political oppression and chase of human beings in Georgia. The only fault of Tsotne Mamulashvili is the fact that he is son of Maya Orjonikidze. In the end I want to tell you that Tsotne is perfectly justifying his historical/heroic name and is showing his personal dignity keeping calmness and belief that good will overcome evil. We undersign this petition and request to set Tsotne Mamulashvili free immediately!


Maia Orjonikidze

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