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Dear Reader,

On behalf of the CUNY Child Care Council I would like to share with you the many ways on campus child care at CUNY benefits student parents. Each year, approximately 1400 children and families are enrolled in a CUNY Child Care Center. Over 75% of families that use our centers are in the low income category. These Student Parents would not be able to afford to enroll their child in a high quality child care center while pursuing a college education without the funding that CUNY Child Care Centers receive each year. High quality day early care and education programs are crucial to CUNY at a time when CUNY's enrollment is at its highest point ever. Women comprise 60% of CUNY's enrollment and 15% of CUNY students indicate that they provide support for children less than 12 years. Quality child care is essential to their retention and success.

Over the last several years CUNY Child Care has received multiple budget cuts which have made it difficult to maintain the level of service we feel each child and parent deserve. This year we are facing a budget cut of $544,000 from non-recurring legislative add, $141,000 from OTDA budget which totals a loss of $685,000. 

The CUNY Child Care Council, our student parents and their children are asking for your support in helping us advocate for the restoration of funds totaling $544,000 to CUNY Child Care. We are hoping that you concur that restoring these funds to CUNY Child Care is vital to the success of our students parents in achieving the academic goals.

CUNY child care programs serve student parents and their children in developmentally appropriate an culturally diverse early childhood, school age, and infant/toddler programs. Professional teachers and staff provide flexible on-campus care and education to accommodate the needs of parents during the day, evenings and weekends. Our Our centers open as early as 7AM and cllose at 9PM or later are are open on weekends to help our students parents achieve their academic goals..

CUNY child care programs serve over 1400 student parents and their children in 18 campus-based centers. CUNY child care centers are a proven component of student parents success and serve as a key resource to many academic departments by providing a venue for student internships, fieldwork and research.

Please support our efforts by advocating on CUNY Child Care's behalf to restore $685,000 in funding.

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