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I would like to ask for your help to suport these two men who have dedicated 15 and 17 years to Royal Mail to be treated so shockingly, they have been victimised and used as scapegoats. Everyone knows that this is common practice through Royal Mail showing that this is actually an issue throughout the company, so why should only two men take the flack for it?? I would ask you PLEASE to sign this petition ONLY if you have ever had a recorded delivery/special delivery put through your door or left in a safe place without asking to sign for it, be it your postman trying to save you the inconvenience of having to collect it elsewhere or that its been by mistake(mistakes can and do happen) These men need your help to get the justice they so rightfully deserve at an employment tribunal and show that its actually an issue throughout royal mail and not just that of two men. Please share/repost and help these men get as much support as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this


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