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   Do you want your sick family member purchasing medical marijuana from the local drug dealer, because it's cheaper and the quality is better? That’s what Health Canada wants. The average cost per gram if you produce your own medicine is $0.78 a gram compared to $8.80 per gram from a commercial producer.

    Health Canada is suspending the current medical marijuana laws. The new law takes away the right to produce your own medicine,and reduces the amount of medical marijuana that a card holder is allowed to store in their home. Plus you will have to order, and pre-pay for medicine that you cannot see first. Then you will have to wait for your medicine to be shipped in the mail. This will drive sick people into the arms of organized crime. The whole point of the government suspending the laws is because of the criminal element, but now they will push the sick people into the arms of the drug dealers. People don't want to wait 3 days for their medicine to come in the mail. Some people can't go without their medicine for 1 day never mind 3. This means that 26,000 card holders will have to stop producing their medicine.

   How many will continue to grow because they cannot afford to purchase their medicine from a commercial producer? These people have spent a lot of money purchasing the things necessary to produce their medicine. How many good hard working citizens of this country will not stop producing their medicine? How many sick people that can't work and don't have the money to purchase from the commercial producers will have to resort to continuing to grow their medicine?

     After March 31 2014 they will become criminals for growing their own medicine and it will make it easy for the police to start raiding people’s homes because Health Canada has all the addresses of these sick people that are growing. How many sick grandmothers will be going to jail costing them their homes, money, and freedom? The bank won't honour your mortgage after being raided for a marijuana grow-op, so a lot of people will be losing their homes on top of having cancer, M.S, A.I.D.S. or many other sicknesses that require medical marijuana. This is exactly what the progressive conservative government wants, more people in jail. Their tough on crime bill that will be putting our sick, or potentially sick and elderly family members behind bars, and will leave them homeless when they get out. When your house gets raided for a grow-op they shut off the hydro, gas, and water. It can only be turned back on once mold testing is completed which can cost upwards of $10,000 if you don't have any mold in your home. If you do have mold the cost to fix it can reach up to as much as the cost of rebuilding your home.

      Please help us; the sick people have a chance to make the government realize how many people will go sick if we lose our right to produce our own medical marijuana. Keep our sick from resorting to the streets for their medicine.


Sarah Southcott

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