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Plant Trees, Help and Influence my Community to Plant more Trees...Make it a National Sport & Best H

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How this will help

Less than 10% of Lebanon is Green. Just around 30 years ago, almost 30% of Lebanon was Green...Where are we going?

In only one month, more than 2,500 hectares/ 6,200 acres (more than % Million trees) of woodland were destroyed in fires that swept through several regions of Lebanon.

The consequences of forest destruction by fire, cutting, digging, unregulated constructions…. are disastrous on the natural environment & ecological systems, soil erosion, the decrease in underground water contamination and loss, spread of desertification, village communities, population well-being, worsening poverty & lowering the quality of life…unfortunately a long list.

Lebanon's Forests are a wealth and a Treasure for the current and future generations. They are threatened that is threatened with extinction if there is no quick salvation plan that includes protection and reforestation.

Lebanon's forests destruction must stop now and the replant of the burnt and cut forests in Lebanon must become a weekly National Activity.

Plant Trees..Make it a National Sport...a weekend pass-time...a best Hobby...before it is too late!!

Plant Trees everywhere: in the cities, in our communities and in the remote areas on the mountains and linking our villages...

Some benefits of the trees, a simple reminder:

1. Clean fresh air and well-being for the People
2. Home for Bio-diversity (birds, animals, insects, other plants protection and support)
3. Controlling and preventing erosion
4. Nutrition to the soil
5. Water absorption
6. Wood
7. Beauty
8. Fruits for human well-being

Create Food Forests and massive mixed species tree planting (fast and slow growth trees)

With strict rules of forest wood management, planting fast growth mixed type of trees, we help provide wood quantities available for any need to cut for wood in absence of alternatives of heating in cold winters. (surely many types of trees should be completely protected, especially the slow growth ones like the Cedars, oaks etc.)

Some tree Benefits: Clean Fresh Air, Beauty, Better Human well-being, eco-tourism attraction, Fresh Food, Self- sustainability, abundance, climate control, erosion control, more water absorption by the soil, legacy for the future generations, satisfaction and national pride, more money available...

A proper waste management will have a direct positive impact on reducing Forest Fires.

Multi-culture forest (mixed types) will have more natural resistance to fire, especially with the addition of more fire resistant plants and trees.

A proper rain water collection will secure more available water for fire-fighting and for increase humidity and reducing dry atmosphere in danger areas

Promote more activities linked with nature that will contribute to reducing stress and increasing well-being and healing.

Make a nature plan every weekend (but please no BBQs and Bird hunting: the 2 existing "national sports")

With as little as every person planting and taking care of 1 tree in only 1 year ...can you imagine how many trees you will have in few years ?.......

Surely it takes time to change habits and transform ourselves: the best time to change is now!

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