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Help stop the killing of our youth and re-build our communities.

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How this will help

Are you tired of the killing of our youth...Are you tired of losing our children to gangs, drugs, crimes and prison. Are you tired of crying at the grave site.

Are you ready to Save our Parents and Children.

The Founder of Tender Touch Inc, who once lived a self-defeating lifestyle, decided to give back to the community.  She has established a life skills and job readiness janitorial training program, which would educate and empower our youth and adults to change their self-destructive behavior into Excellent Achievers.

In our program, the individuals will learn how to persevere over those thoughts of failure and defeat. Having effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

Tender Touch Inc, goal is to unlock the mines of our future parents, leaders, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, firemen and policemen etc. Therefore, with the hard work of you and I it can be done.

My book Who Said It Couldn't Be Done, is proof that can be done. So let's welcome hope back into homes, schools and communities.  

                                 Failure Is Not An Option...Never!

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