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View the ASNI team in Suriname!

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After 35 hours of travel from Romania, the Dream Team of Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan, Dr. Roxana Stan, and Vet Tech Extrodinaire Ruth Osborne arrived in Suriname with the goal of spaying/neutering 500 animals.

The Animal Spay Neuter International team in Suriname! Dr. A said the situation is much like Romania, with many dogs.......but they have more fleas and ticks and are thinner. I am so proud the team is there to help! Thank you everyone who donated for this project of free spay/neuter so that more puppies and kittens will not be born to suffer in Suriname. The goal is 500 animals for our team to do. Thank you to Henk Abrahams Stichting for all your hard work and planning for this event, for coordinating the event and securing accomodations and donated airfares


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