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On June 17, 2012,  Phillip McKenzie was assaulted in Jeannette, PA. The injuries he sustained from this assault were catastrophic. He is paralyzed from the neck down and will use a wheelchair the rest of his life. 

There have been no arrests made for this crime. The 3 known assailants remain unaccountable for their actions against Phillip! I want answers to the following questions NOW!

Why have there been no arrests made? Does the city of Jeannette and Westmoreland County condone the catastrophic injuries that  3 men caused a single man trying to see his daughter on Fathers Day? Why did the Jeannette Police fail to render aid to Phillip immediately upon their arrival at the scene? Most people would consider it a dereliction of duty not to have an officer at least check on a man lying on the ground unable to move or breathe. Why has the victim and several credible witnesses to the assault not been questioned in the past 8 months? Why would the Jeannette police not even do a police report on the incident where a man was life flighted from the scene? Last but not least, is the  reason for all the ignorance, lack of concern and failure to make arrests racially motivated? Three white men attack and paralyze a black man in Jeannette, PA and all officials look the other way. The year before, a black man was arrested and imprisoned for 8 months because they accused him of spraining a white man's knee. At trial after 8 months, all charges were dropped, yet these three men do not spend one day in jail. Does the justice system in Westmoreland County only work one way? Or is it justice for all? There's the questions I want answered!   


Kelly Mynahan

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Please sign this petition to demand explanations from public officials as to why there has been no justice for Phillip.


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