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The history of conflict and the resulting lack of healthcare in Cambodia has left a large number of people with various types of disability. Today, with a population close to 15 million, there are approximately 170,000 Cambodians living with disabilities. An estimated 21% of these people are children.

Many of these individuals with disabilities remain very dependent on their immediate families and the community that they are brought up in to earn a living. Unfortunately, they face discrimination and misunderstanding from the very community that they depend on. As a result, both adults and children are not regarded, nor do they have the opportunities or the confidence to become fully contributing members of the community. Without a proper support system being established and implemented, the disabled will continue to be socially and economically marginalized.

As a result, Project Cambodia 2013 aims to actively engage a local non-government organisation (NGO)  to provide support and help develop useful life skills that will enable youth with disabilities to become more independent. In addition, this project aims to empower  youths with disabilities with a basic understanding of the English language that will create more opportunities for them in the future.

Project Cambodia 2013, continues from Project Cambodia 2012.Project Cambodia 2012 focused on the empowerment of the disabled youths through education and emotional support system. Project Cambodia 2013 will continue along the same objective; with more emphasis on education and skills training. We are seeking to continue our partnership with the local partners from our past project and the local SEALNet chapter that has been established to ensure that our efforts are sustainable.

The estimated cost to carry out this two week project is US$6,800. It covers accommodation, food and transportation. In addition it also includes the cost of materials for various workshops and activities that will be carried out.

For Project Cambodia 2013 to be successful, your help is greatly appreciated! Any donation is welcomed and all proceeds will be put to use for this project.

We thank you for your support.


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