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Our mission at CSRD Education and Vocational Training Program is to create and promote an environment that empowers our young and precious generations of Slums and Rural Kenya to take up education as a way to enrich their own life, the life of others, thus the prosperity of the country. CSRD will provide encouragement, opportunity, and access to higher education to 200 poor but deserving students who have demonstrated academic excellence, moral character, integrity, and career objectives.

Mathare Slum is one of the oldest and worst slums in Africa.It is home to over 700,000 people occupying an area of two miles long by one mile wide. Because of congestion, survival is a daily battle for the resident's against the backdrop of diseases, crime, prostitution and lawlessness. Apart from having no access to basic amenities like Education (schools) clean water, food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. The most disheartening of all is to learn that children and youth are out of school.

CSRD Inc. Basic Education Program will work to increase knowledge about, raise the priority of and increase support for quality basic education for all as a means of promoting economic development and human well-being. Basic education is the foundation for long term, sustainable success in development, we will provide 200 Scholarships to 100 Girls and 100 Boys every year. These children and youth have nothing except their life and age in common with the children in better placed city localities.

Equitable access to and quality of basic education underpins the range of development goals. Basic education is key to: Enhancing economic growth Alleviating poverty, Improving health and nutrition, Reducing exploitative child labor, Lowering the mortality rates for infants, children and mothers, Stemming the spread of infectious disease, including HIV/AIDS, Promoting equality between women and men, Supporting civil society, democracy and political stability, Promoting understanding, future hope

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