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This petition aims to improve the reporting policies on Facebook so as to hold users engaging in cyberbullying behaviour accountable, while protecting the victims of online harassment. Its time to take action against cyberbullying to protect our friends, family, peers and neighbours. 


Kristi Essler

Did you know that there are more people utilizing Facebook than there are living in North America (Moore, 2012), with an average of 30 Billion photos, statuses, posts and comments shared every month (Facebook, 2012)? This means there are billions of opportunities for users to experience online harassment, threats, "outing", humiliation, discrimination, oppression and cyberstalking. Victims of cyberbullying cannot simply walk away from the harassment as the posts, photos, and comments can be posted, reposted and viewed by thousands in a matter of seconds (Levin, 2011). It is time to take a closer look and take action against cyberbullying as young lives are being lost due to this perpetual harassment. 

In 2012, more than half of all Facebook users indicated that they had experienced at least one form of Facebook bullying in the past year (Kwan, 2013). It is time to protect our family, friends, neighbours and peers by taking a stand against cyberbullying on Facebook. What are you doing to help?

Sign the petition to change Facebook policies to end cyberbullying. It is time for change. 


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