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Put Life-First, in every thought, word and action.

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How this will help

Please make the pledge to put "Life-First" in every thought, word and action.

By pledging your support you will be promoting a principle that addresses the root cause of so many human-related challenges - a primary focus of The Children's Fire Movement C.I.C.

What does Life-First mean?

It is a call for each one of us to prioritise the continuation of life and our future generations as the primary consideration before anything else! To ask oneself, "will a given action, purchase or statement support a healthy, life-affirming future for my children and future generations?".

It is important that we are able to implement this fundamental life-change, as the vast majority of the challenges that humanity now faces are symptoms of valuing short-term gains over life itself – gains that are often financially motivated. By implementing Life-First, we address the root cause of so many issues that scores of charities, action groups and movements-for-change are now attempting to tackle on our behalf. If we are to realise life-affirming change for future generations, we need to stand up, speak out and play our part - now.

What isn't Life-First?

Life-First is NOT a decision-making process that results in a world where...

  • 1.5 acres of rain forest are cut down every second (at which rate we'll consume what's left within one generation).
  • 25% of the planet's mammals face imminent extinction.
  • 75% of the world's fish stocks are on the verge of collapse.
  • the large-scale pollution of the air we breathe and the water we drink is justified on financial grounds.
  • we spend an unimaginable 1.63 trillion dollars a year on our combined military budgets, whilst every 3 seconds a child dies from hunger or an easily preventable disease (mainly due to poverty).

In short, it is NOT an economic doctrine that encourages  excessive (unsustainable) consumption of our natural resources whilst paying lip service to the fair distribution of wealth on our planet.

The Origins of 'Life-First' and the Children's Fire Movement.

To put Life-First, in every thought, word and action, is the key message promoted by the The Children's Fire Movement - a non-profit, Community Interest Company registered in the United Kingdom. The movement is a pragmatic and contemporary organisation whose underlying ideology is rooted in ancient indigenous wisdom teachings of the Americas. The organisation is geared towards supporting democratic, life-affirming change in community groups and organisations, whilst its primary focus is to promote the Life First principle and to assist people with its implementation. The Children's Fire Movement advocates self-authority and a questioning mind. We are not aligned with any dogma we're simply holding a torch for future generations.
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