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President: Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Brazilian Embassy London. UN Environmental Programme.

Why should people sign this petition and back us in this fight ?... I think the answer is easy. The dam will cause a mass flooding of the already endangered Amazon Rainforest, in doing this it will destroy thousands of natives homes, innocent people will die, lose their land, their rights and way of life, animals will lose their homes and many will die and massive section of what many including myself call the lungs of the world will be destroyed forever and for what ?... Money, Power, Greed, it seems that is all that man cares about and needs, more money, more control and will slaughter for greed, I ask you all to Sign this petition and send it to everyone you know, mail it, post it, tweet it and push it all over...  Some facts for you all...  

The company will tell you its in the name of progress and that its for the people, the facts are its not for the people most of the pwer generated is for more mining, for exports and 30% to share holders. so the people get nothing, greed, power and control for the money men, destruction death and loss for the people, animals and the planet, is it worth it ?... NO 

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been required in Brazil since 1986 for any project with potentially harmful effects on wildlife and local populations -- a requirement that was incorporated into the constitution in 1988.

The EIA report carried out on Belo Monte was in fact funded and carried out by the company responsible for Belo Monte itself, Eletrobras/Eletronorte, part of the Norte Energia consortium. It was done with Andrade Gutierrez, Odebrecht, Camargo Corrêa, contracted out to Leme Engenharia, which is part of the GDF Suez, which operates 15 hydroelectric plants in the Amazon, the Jirau on the Madeira among them. In short, the EIA report has no credibility... 

 Belo Monte will destroy vast areas of pristine Amazon rainforest and biodiversity, causing the extinction of many rare species of animals and plants, affect the global environment and contribute to climate change. The Belo Monte megadam would lead to the decimation of the fish populations and hundreds of other species. The black and white-patterned Zebra Pleco fish, which is found only on the Xingu River, is likely to die out if the dam is built. The Sunshine Pleco (Scobinancistrus aureatus), the Slender Dwarf Pike Cichlid (Teleocichla centisquama), the Plant-eating Piranha (Ossubtus xinguense) and the Xingu Dart-Poison frog (Allobates crombiei) are other species whose existence is threatened by the dam... 

Some 20.000 people will be homeless, thousands of animals killed, thousands of acres land lost, animal habitat lost not for a short time but for all time. We need to take a stand NOW and make sure that the Belo Monte Dam is stopped once and for all, closed down and tree's planted on the areas that they have already destroyed. Take a stand with me and with C.O.P.E - Carers Of Planet Earth and help to stop this. 
I thank you all for your time and for signing and sharing. With respect always, Peace, James Howie... - C.O.P.E


James Howie

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The people of the world needs to stand, they need to use their voice and sign to SAVE, its not only the rainforest, its the animals, the people and all in turn will effect the world as a whole and...

The people of the world needs to stand, they need to use their voice and sign to SAVE, its not only the rainforest, its the animals, the people and all in turn will effect the world as a whole and they will do this using lies all in the name of greed and power, its up to us to take that stand and stop this before lives are lost human and animal alike, Its up to us, so please sign and share, take a stand with us. I thank you all, with respect always, James Howie, C.O.P.E Carers Of Planet earth. 


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