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The evidence suggests that this ban and it's sustained enforcement is about maintaining a hierarchical value system in the United Kingdom that favours the economic interests of the wealthy and those in power at the expense of the working class, the poor, the socially excluded, and and our attitudes to non-members of our species.

One of the ways the government maintains this division is by violating the human rights of those such as Dr. Steve Best who are able to inspire marginalised groups such as these into constructive action as to improve their social conditions.

By depriving such people entry into the country, the government is deliberately contravening human rights legislation that has been set out precisely to protect the rights of those who may hold controversial views that may turn out to be justified, true and owed to the public; such as the demystification of Violent Physical Harm Vs Reasonable Force & Self-Defence.These are the kind of issues that Dr Best is qualified to elaborate on and which in world full of wars should rightly be discussed openly and freely in any country that claims to be democratic.

Consequently, by retracting Steve Best's human right to diplomatically and democratically communicate in the United Kingdom the British Government abuses its authority and deprives its citizens of their right to hear and consider the critical arguments that he puts forward of which are very relevant in today's day and age. Since these arguments are also supported by scientific evidence about the consequences of aiding and abetting violent acts, and of the implications of consuming animal derived protein for human health and the natural environment the government is guilty of gross negligence. The government fails to recognise physical harm when it is not in its economic interest to do so and will oppose and exaggerate any action or speech that runs contrary to these interests.

The ban is an assault on democracy and an outright violation of Dr. Best's Human Rights to which the government should be made accountable big time. Unless people seek to unite and fight this abuse of power we will remain prisoners of the ruling class and we cannot settle for that.

Signing this petition is one way you can help, educating ourselves about Speciesism & Total Liberation is another as they are not yet recognised by modern government. Good Luck

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