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'Samohi's Wall of Humanity and Fundraiser' on Monday, February 25th:

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced that they will be picketing outside of Santa Monica High School on Monday, February 25th from 7-8 AM. Santa Monica High School and its surrounding community have decided to approach this day with a peaceful and positive disposition. Our mission is to implement our school unity in a real-world situation and raise money for Gay Straight Alliance Network. We also hope to make our on-campus recourses such as Gender and Sexuality Alliance and Project Safe Zone more visible. The money that we earn through this fundraiser will be sent to GSA Network in the Westboro Baptist Church's name.

For every minute that picketers engage in trying to distract from our unity, our goal is to raise $100. Thus, in the hour that they are present, we hope to raise $6000 in the Westboro Baptist Church's name.

Not all schools are fortunate enough to get the tools and support in educating students, parents, staff and communities that organized Gay-Straight Alliances can offer, so we wish to recognize GSA Network in their aim to increase the number of Gay-Straight Alliances nationwide.

This is a brilliant opportunity for peace, love, and unity, and we urge you to join us in our movement for civil-rights.


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