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Norman Ussery Supporters

It seems that the Board of Directors for Twin City Stage in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina, has made a decision to not renew Norman Ussery's
contract.  As Executive Director for the theater he is instrumental
to its success and that of the actors and crew that volunteer in
the many wonderful productions.

As stated in the article below, Norman has made tangible, positive decisions
and changes that have allowed this Community Theater to grow.  As a
theater patron and parent of an actress, this is very sad news.  Norman
touches every single person that walks through the doors of Twin City
Stage.  From his presence behind the scenes as a director/actor, to
greeting the many guests that attend the shows, he is instrumental to bringing
our community to the arts.


Suzanne Borofsky Marin

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How this will help

Please sign this petition to show the Board of Directors the error of their
decision.  Keep Norman Ussery and keep the quality of theater in this community.


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