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Dear Friends of the Romanian animals,

With the winter weather and snow in Romania, freezing temperatures make stray animals' life even harder.

The good news is that after so many years of hard work we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fewer animals have to endure the harsh winter because there are fewer litters. After more than 18,500 surgeries performed in Romania, we hope 2013 will bring us way above the 20,000th surgery mark.

With your help we managed to buy our van that will be delivered in the spring just before the May Spayathon, which will enable us to be even more mobile and help more animals in the years to come. This all is possible thanks to your generous help and support. Now we can do even more good work for the animals in need. Along with the ambitious intensive spay and neuter plans, we aim to help more animals receive a home after being operated and treated for various conditions such as bad fractures, transmissible venereal diseases, skin disease and many more conditions that would prevent them from being adopted from the streets and given a forever home. All this is achieved with your help and we count on your support to continue our good work. Our website shares the stories, testimonials and events, such as our recent Spay Day 2013 successful event in early February for "My Dog Has Happy Paws" in Moreni!

This year we hope to go to many cities, towns, villages, and other locations to help the animals in need with spay/neuter.  A few of the locations that have requested our help once again are Bucharest, Bistrita, Barlad, Moreni, Herculane, Tecuci, Adjud, Craiova, Braila, Giurgiu, Targoviste, and Buzau.  Numerous individuals contact us asking if they can bring their dogs in to the clinics for free spay/neuter on a regular basis.  This is where your help and support mean so much for so many.  Thank you!

Romania Animal Rescue will be providing the free spay/neuter of 150 animals in villages surrounding Bucharest this year as well. The need for this is best explained by our friend Raluca from Red Panda charity in Bucharest would like to say "thank you!" to everyone!

"Dear Romania Animal Rescue Donors, Thank you so much! As soon as the weather allows us and the vets' schedule, we will also organize the spays in the rural area. People are poor there, they do not have enough food for the animals, and the puppies are born and die in bad conditions. People want us to come and neuter, but they would never afford to pay for the surgeries. Sometimes they keep the puppies till they are 2 months old and then they bring them in the forests, and let them die there. Or they drown the puppies immediately after they are born. Lack of education and poverty lead to tough and cruel ways of dealing with the animals. I am sure we will help some animals and their owners also with the spays! Thank you! We are very grateful to the team and the donors, for making this possible! Hugs, Raluca"

Thank you once again for your support for our mission of "Neuter and Spay!  No More Strays! No More Needless Suffering!"    Aurelian Stefan, DVM, and Nancy Janes


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