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I have been with Amazon Watch for 5 years now. There's no other group doing the work we are doing to support indigenous communities and indigenous rights in the Amazon basin and challenge those hell bent on destroying this precious resource, upon which we all depend. I know you support our work and believe in this Cause. Please make my birthday wish come true by making a donation of any size to help us keep up the fight. Skip a coffee, or a beer, or a milkshake this week and donate the money to Amazon Watch instead. It really does mean a great deal to me and to all of us. Thanks!

And in case you need reminding of how important the rainforest is: The Amazon, the world's largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest, covers an area larger than the continental United States, houses one-third of the Earth's plant and animal species, and helps regulate the global climate. Nearly 400 distinct indigenous peoples depend on the Amazon rainforest for their physical and cultural survival, and indigenous territories comprise more than a quarter of the Amazon basin.

At current rates of deforestation, nearly 50 percent of the Amazon could be lost or severely degraded by the year 2020, and the vast majority will no longer be in a pristine state. With global deforestation contributing 20–25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, our indigenous partners are providing a service to all humanity as we together seek to defend the rainforest.

Thanks for being a part of the movement!


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