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Add my name to the letter- writing campaign to pass a law to protect New York State's trafficked chi

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Are you a New York State resident? Write to your New York State Senator and Assembly Representative!

ECPAT USA asks for your support in contacting senators and assembly members in Albany to improve protection for children victimized in the human trafficking and sex trade. We specifically support passing a new law – the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act  to address shortcomings in the NY State law. The TVPJA would:

• recognize that buying children for sex is child abuse;
• acknowledge that all prostituted children under the age of 18 are trafficking victims, bringing State law in line with Federal law so that 16- and 17- year olds are not treated as criminal defendants for prostitution charges;
• defend trafficked people from criminal prosecutions;
• improve victim access to social services;
• increase penalties for traffickers and close loopholes for exploiters;
• eliminate stigmatizing language for victims of trafficking.

TVPJA is supported by multiple advocacy groups members of the NY State Anti-Trafficking Coalition where ECPAT USA is a Steering Committee member.If you would like to add your voice to this campaign, please fill in the information on this page:

You can also get there through our Facebook page:


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