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Help Romanian dogs win 1clickdonation contest!

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How this will help

The bad economy hit us all. I always feel humble asking your financial help for our dogs,  many of you contacted me in the past with encouraging messages but expressing their regrets for not being able to donate at that time due to financial problems. We are united for a bigger goal - to save lives anyway we can.

This time it's easier for me to ask your help and I will dare to continue in the next month asking for it, because I rely on your free support, which is coming from your big heart and has nothing to do with the bad economy and lack of money. I ask from you one free click which will bring ROLDA closer to winning or to finish in top 5 places, at the end of the contest, on 20 March.

Please click on the button "Donate 1Click" from this page:

You voted and helped our dogs free and easily. Congratulations!

Now please share the link with your friends animal lovers. 

Isn't make you feel good helping these dogs?!


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