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Honor Water's Life Giving Generosity to all Life on Earth

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How this will help

What must we do, as world citizens, to become passionate about the place and world we live in? To feel confident that our efforts count? How small and how big an action must we take to make a difference? 

In this day of listening and witnessing the gift of life the Colorado River and its tributaries offer, may we come together as a community, with our eyes wide open to be able to see and our ears listening deeply to hear the ways those who have lived in this desert for thousands of years, the ways that some have been given to teach us how to live sustainably for the sake of our future and this beautiful life force that runs through our valley.

The Colorado River is the life-blood for 30 million people and uncountable animals, birds, fish, plants and trees.  In my journey to be an activist in this place I call home, the Colorado River called to me saying, "Water Comes First". 

Please join us in taking this Pledge to Honor the Life Giving Generosity of this Precious Element...Water...the Life Blood of our Mother Earth.

We also cordially invite you to join us at the Event - Water Comes First - April 20th at the Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, Colorado.


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