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3,000 school children from special education programs are expected to attend.  Let's help 100 children get there!  At a cost of $15/child...let's raise $1,500.  Are you with me?

Reaching Maximum Independence, Inc. is seeking the sponsorships to offer an educational experience, highlighting the tapestry of culture in SA through an inclusive event recognizing those with disabilities in our community during Fiesta®, to children in special education programs across San Antonio and surrounding communities.

By creating avenues for education and inclusion, RMI is able to directly impact the lives of individuals in our care while benefiting the community as a whole.  Fiesta Especial® is about creating opportunities for children and adults with disabilities of all types to experience the celebration of our city's heritage through Fiesta®.  It's about including individuals with disabilities in a way that will accommodate their needs and acknowledge their right to participate in community activities.

Fiesta Especial® is an official Fiesta® event celebrating the abilities of individuals with disabilities of all types and creating positive awareness in the community.  The event features a Fiesta Especial® Royal Court, 2-day special event, shoe box parade and contest, and a 2.7 mile Promenade & Parade featuring a Fun Run followed by parade floats created by organizations serving individuals with disabilities in our community.

The first day of the Fiesta Especial® event, held Friday, April 19th, 2013, is targeted to students in special education programs throughout San Antonio. Traditionally, over 3,000 students have attended each year.  As you will see from our attached letter of support, school districts view this event as an educational opportunity, serving as an extension to the student's campus instructional programs.  Fiesta Especial® offers activities that impact motor skill development in a fun way, being particularly supportive of students with developmental or orthopedic disabilities.  And, to top it off, the outdoor setting reinforces the learning experience by providing a change in venue and fun atmosphere to the school day.

Serving together,

Melanie Cawthon
Director of Marketing & Resource Development

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