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In 2001, the Mosaic Religious Community started to write down the serious events that are experienced by the 6,500 Danish Jews.

It is difficult or impossible to wear skull caps or Star of David on the street. There are telephone threats and vandalism to cars thrown stones through the Jews windows and painted anti-Jewish graffiti. Today, it has become even worse with assault and aggravated assault, says the Jews.

It is very important not to cut all with the same brush. But the vast majority of those who commit these atrocities are Muslims, Arabs of Middle Eastern background. The conflict in the Middle East is part of the reason for the persecution of the Jews. But there is never anyone who has heard of Jews who attack and harass Muslims. Virtually no one in Europe relate to it. In the Middle East should the Israelis suffer frequent rocket attacks from Gaza in particular, suicide bombings and other violent actions. But it has not therefore given rise to Jews persecuted by Arab Muslims in Europe. Many of the young Muslims who are aggressive towards Jews, roused to hatred in TV programs as they download onto their dishes. This hate propaganda plays not only the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. They appeal to the hostile attitudes toward Jews, which goes back centuries, and as expressed in the Qur'an violent terms about Jews (and other infidels).

All over Europe the picture is the same. In Malmö in Sweden, where there is a large Muslim immigrant population, the situation of the Jews for many years been intolerable. There were a couple of years ago thrown a bomb at a Jewish demonstration. In September there was a bomb attack against the Jewish village hall, which caused extensive damage. It is now protected with armored doors. Malmö Rabbi Kesselman has been chased by a car that tried to run him down, as he afterwards said, "I have never in my life been so scared." In addition assault and harassment in everyday life.

In 2009, attacks on Jews in Malmo doubled in the wake of an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, and were set fire to synagogues. From demonstrations resounded the cry "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, Mohammed's army will return." Khaybar was a predominantly Jewish oasis, as a Muslim army took in 629, after which the surviving Jews were expelled. In other parts of Europe show a similar picture. But only the most dramatic episodes terrorist killings in Toulouse, receive significant media coverage.

Stop forfølgelsen av danske jøder!


Mikael Ekberg

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Anti-Semitic and racist attacks on Jewish schoolchildren in Denmark and Sweden must be stopped! The Danish and Swedish governments need to do much more to stop those criminal acts! Anti-Semitism...

Anti-Semitic and racist attacks on Jewish schoolchildren in Denmark and Sweden must be stopped! The Danish and Swedish governments need to do much more to stop those criminal acts! Anti-Semitism Rising in Europe

After almost 70 years since last anti-semitic Nazi violense - we have to act and demand that our democratic governments and authorities put strong measures against the racism that exists in both our countrys!

  1. We demand that the harassment of adult Jews who visit synagogues stop!We demand that the harassment of mainly Jewish schoolchildren stop!
  2. We demand that the authorities in our countries, the police and the judiciary to fulfill its functions!

Please help us by signing the petion and also by sending mail to the Swedish and Danish governments. Thank you all!

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