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Help to reduce the trade in ivory and the poaching of elephants

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How this will help

WILL YOU HELP US STOP THE KILLING OF ELEPHANTS? Today we are launching a campaign targeting both decision makers and the general public. The messages are clear - EVERY TUSK COSTS A LIFE; STOP THE TRADE and DON'T BUY IVORY. 

On the page linked you can read more about this initiative - and you'll find two pieces of artwork that we hope will encourage you to ACT. You can download different versions, in English or Chinese, in different resolutions. You can share on social networks and on websites, and print them on T-shirts, posters and banners. We want you to use them as long as it helps elephants! We urge you to TAKE ACTION and inspire as many of your friends as possible to join. 

The writing is on the wall for elephants - share this campaign on YOUR wall, and the wall of others, and make a difference!

Read more on ElephantVoices about a campaign YOU can make unique!

Best wishes, for the elephants,

Joyce and Petter


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