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For my 35th birthday i'd like to continue a tradition started a few years ago where I request friends and family to donate $ or spread awareness for The Rock 'n Renew Foundation charity work that I'm proud to be a part of. This year's request is a bit more immediate, as the entire campaign's funds will go towards a special project that Rock 'n Renew has begun in partnership with Bayonne High School, and The Bayonne School District to help out several students and their families who lost their homes, had their possessions destroyed, and were otherwise devastated by the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Please disregard the copy on this page that identifies what your donation will provide in the way of programming. 100% of your donation will go towards the Sandy Relief Fund.Rock 'n Renew is working with The Nj Hudson County branch of The American Red Cross, and is also working directly with the Bayonne School District to provide immediate relief to students and their families in the form of Lowes, Home Depot , and Wallmart Gift Cards and actual items that have been submitted to the school's that were destroyed in the storm. Bayonne was hit in a similar coastal region (the low-lying southern portion) as NYC, and it was slightly less damaged then Staten Island, but there were several areas that were hit pretty hard. We have some students who are still not back at home, and a few who won't be returning home at all, as their houses or apartments were too badly damaged. We have already had a great deal of support locally, and your contributions will help to close out the list of effected families. In addition, the work that Rock 'n Renew has been doing with the entire school district of Bayonne, on the shores of Newark Bay on the Bayonne High School campus, to restore vital shoreline habitat, and to plant the tidal marsh and upland marshland native plants that help create buffer-zones for storm surges, is going to continue at a much increased pace due to the support of supporters such as yourself. This year we expect to plant over 10,000 additional native plants to ensure that nature's own defense systems are restored to the healthy place required to actually function as they should.

We are also having a fundraiser concert next Thursday, Feb 28th at Fontanas in NYC, where my band Jonny Lives! will perform at 8p.m. All the funds generated through ticket sales, and the sale of a special limited edition e.p, will go to the Bayonne Sandy Relief fund. Check out details for the event here:

To learn more about Rock 'n Renew, or if you have trouble making a donation here, you can also do so on the website, in the upper right hand corner:

In addition, Checks can be made out to:

The Rock 'n Renew Foundation

12 W.22nd St.

Bayonne, Nj


and put: Sandy Relief Fund in the memo (for both a paypal donation via our website, or your generous donation via Check).

If donating $ is not in your budget at the moment, consider sharing this message with your friends, and asking them to add our Facebook page ( ), and joining this Causes page as well, where we also have calls-to-action for volunteers, and petitions.

We also regularly need volunteers at our many school and community garden sites in NYC, NJ, L.a and Hawai'i (and a few other regions throughout the U.S)

If you'd like to donate your time, then reach out to us and find out more.

Thanks for making my birthday a special one, through your support of this vital work to restore the health of our local food and ecosystems.

Remember to Rock 'n Renew!

best wishes-

Jonny Dubowsky

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