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Fight for faith and love for Michael and believe in all good things he did for us

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It's time for us to do something... I feel we can do something... I invite you to fight for faith and love for MICHAEL and believe in all good things he had done for us.

We need to fight for faith because it's important, but the most important thing is fight for L.O.V.E.

Michael did a lot for us... Now, it's time to ask ourselves if we are doing something to keep his legacy alive in our hearts forever.

I'm afraid that time goes by and people forget Michael and all his care for children, for the planet...

This can't happen! Join this pledge if you still have Michael in your heart and mind... I'm not asking for money... this is not my intention, but I do ask for action... if you wanna donate in your country for charity, do what you feel in your soul to do, but do things always fighting for faith and love for MICHAEL. He deserves it because he gave himself and his work for all his fans around the world.


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