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Attend Coehn Meyers Dance Marathon on March 2nd from 12-8PM

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Cohen Meyer, a five year old from East Dubuque, IL was born with severe Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheel chair. As he has grown older, his parents are no longer able to lift his wheel chair in and out of the van. This is where you come in! Help be part of this amazing young boys life and attend the Dance marathon for him on March 2nd from 12:00-8:00pm in the McCormick gym on the University of Dubuque campus. It is open to the public; there will be a hypnotist, guest speakers, live and silent auctions, games, and prizes. There is a $5 entry fee or a $3 entry fee for any student with a student ID. Please come  help support the Meyers in their goal to raise $13,000 towards the $36,000 purchase price!

Can't make it to the event but still want to help? Great! You can give directly to the Meyers fund through PayPal:

You can go to and select "transfer." Then put in your email address and Cohen's email address ([email protected]) and plug in the amount you want to donate. If your bank account is linked with your paypal account, no fees are charged.  If you use a debit card or credit card just know that your donation amount will be less do to fees.

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