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Help a mom with a newborn baby, and provide her with the support and free time she needs.

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Pledge your time to help another mom, especially those moms with babies who have colic symptoms! Maybe you are that mom with a newborn baby, or maybe you know a family member or close friend with a infant in need of help

According to a recent study-
  • 90% of Moms would be willing to watch another Mom's colicky baby, but only 30% of Moms with colicky babies will ask for help from friends or family.
  • 89% of moms say that colic has moderately or significantly affected their ability to leave the house at some point.
Here are some ways you can help out a new mom:

1)  Watch the baby while mom or dad takes a nap
2)  Watch the baby while mom takes a long, peaceful shower
3)  Bring the family a home cooked meal
4)  Do their grocery shopping
5)  Bring their older children to school for them, or to their weekend activities
6)  Help them with midnight feedings
7)  Take the baby for a walk
8)  Help them with their laundry
9)  Get them a housecleaning gift certificate (or clean their house)
10)  Mow their lawn, shovel their snow, plant their flowers
11)  Bring them coffee, and lend a listening ear
12)  Take the baby or older siblings overnight
13)  Schedule a girls/guys night out
14)  Offer free babysitting

In an effort to help educate and support parents of colicky babies, Born Free, a leader in premium infant feeding products, has declared March as National Colic Awareness Month.

Visit for expert advice from renowned pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene as well as lactation consultants, useful information about safe, soothing techniques, and real mom stories about coping with colic.  

1)  What is colic and how common is it? 

More than 20% of newborns have colic in their first few months of life.  Colic is a condition where otherwise healthy babies cry for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week.  According to a recent study, 80% of moms with colicky babies felt a baby's bottle played a moderate or significant role in helping to ease symptoms of colic.  Born Free bottles offer a patented ActiveFlow® Venting Technology uniquely designed to help reduce the symptoms of colic and gas. 

2) What are some tips to help relieve colic?  

Doctors recommend the "five S's"- swaddling, side or stomach holding, shushing, swinging and sucking to reduce gas and discomfort. Read more!

3) What types of products help relieve colic symptoms?

There are baby bottles, like Born Free bottles, that are specially designed to help calm fussy babies and reduce colic symptoms.  Swaddling is also recommended, so we recommend the SwaddleMe® line from Summer Infant.  There are also other feeding products like probiotics or gas drops that some parents use. Consult your pediatrician about what might be best for your baby.


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