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We need your help.  

We live in a time where we are constantly subjected to regulations, opinions, or statements from governments, corporations and the media that we may or may not agree with. 

Until now there's been no way to easily respond and be heard collectively as a group - but things are about to change with Qwanz.

Qwanz is a new app that we developed to give you a powerful platform to get heard by those that can change things. Qwanz takes your thoughts and transforms them into polls that are shared with thousands of people and the press, which not only leverages your opinion and gets it heard but also invites a response from others. 

We started a Kickstarter project to help translate Qwanz into more languages and help get it into the hands of more people and also to help get the word out.  Unfortunately, we only have 30 days left to try and hit our goal of $36,000 (we've raised almost $3000 but seem to be stuck).

We've gotten a lot of positive feedback for idea and how the app can make a big difference in people's lives  but are limited in what else we can do without your support.

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Just imagine a world where important issues could be addressed and debated well before their time; an age where people can rally together all over the world and really make a difference with just a few thumb movements. Imagine if we could finally hold corporations, governments or individuals accountable for their actions. 

Please help give a bullhorn to billions of people and support our project on Kickstarter:

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