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We the people of the State of New York, both law abiding and free, being the whole of the Unorganized Militia of the State of New York do hereby demand the repeal of the New York Safe Act as well as any other state law infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. These laws are both repugnant to the spirit and intent of the US constitution and are unlawful. Each day these laws are in effect is another violation of our rights as citizens of the United States,  and the State of New York.

These laws, especially the New York Safe act are a direct violation of the Second Amendment which specifically protects the right of the people to posess without restriction the standard shoulder arm of the United States Military (or the equivilent) . In order for the people as a whole to be as well armed and as capable as the average US Soldier. This amendement's entire purpose was to ensure that a standing army, motivated by political agendas contrary to the public good and the values on which this country was founded, may, by force of arms, or the threat thereof, be kept in check. This can only be done if the whole people have access to arms, ammunition and ammunition feeding devices similar, if not identical or even superior in quality and workmanship to that of the average US Soldier's issued service rifle. Know that we feel this liberty carries with it a grave resposibilty to assist in the defense of the State and consider this responsibilty to be as important and as legally binding as other such civic resposibilities such as Jury Duty.

We respect the right of those in office to hold opinions, even those contrary to the will of the people; however, it does not give officials, elected or otherwise the right to infringe on rights of the people. Therefore we the people will accept no less than the repeal of all of these laws as each one passed is a gateway to the next. They compound the affront to our liberties and our good character as law abiding American Citizens and and loyal citizens of the State of New York

In closing, we strongly urge you to give in to our demands at your earliest convenience.


The People of the State of New York


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The ability of the people to keep and bear arms is a civic resposibility, one that keeps our country free and safe from tyranny, foreign invasion and lawlessness. The New York Safe Act, and other gun control measures strip us of the ability to carry out our lawful function as members of the Unorganized Militia.


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