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Help people become more aware about BSL!! I love Pits & am an advocate but they aren't the only one'

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Anyone who owns or who has worked with these wonderful dogs, especially for several years as I have would know, they do NOT DESERVE BSL! I myself own a Presa Canario (or Pera De Presa Canario) & let me tell you, I would never own any other sort of breed in my life. Talk about dedicated, loyal, proctective (NOT AGGRESSIVE!), silly, friendly shadows who can't be without you & you are describing these dogs! Anyone dog in the wrong hands is a "loaded gun" but why are we punishing these incredible dogs as a whole? I say, punish the owners. In the right hands, there really is no better.. Anyone who knows me and the dogs I've worked with, esp. my Kayda (main photo) would strongly agree! So, Please show a little support!

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