Sign the Petition to Tucker Carlson, Tammy Bruce, President Roger Ailes, and Vice Presidents Brian Lewis and Irena Briganti of Fox News

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Pagans, nationwide were very insulted and hurt by the words Fox News had to say about our religion this past Sunday. Fox News reporters Tucker Carlson and Terry Bruce ridiculed Paganism, it's followers, and provided false information about the religion. Respect was not one of the qualities shown by the journalists of Fox and Friends. They acted in a very jokingly manner, bringing all of their professionalism to a halt.

I hope this touches people of all faiths, and that we can all understand how discriminatory the Fox News reporters were with their language and actions. To the pagan community these words were extremely humiliating and insulting. To judge someone by their beliefs is not right, any way you look at it. Freedom of religion is the right to believe in what ever you choose. To discriminate against a person who walks a different path is hurtful, and we would like an apology.
No one should have to be attacked like this, or in any other form. Put yourself in our shoes and ask yourself "How would I feel if someone mocked my religion?".


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