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All Bangladeshis, both resident and non-resident

The 6-points:

  1. Maximum penalty for all war criminals including Kader Molla.
  2. Ensuring equal legal rights of both defendant and prosecution, ensuring 3-month time limit on all trials, abolishing clemency power of the state for these trials.
  3. Banning Pakistani aggressor force's allies Jamat-Shibir and all communal parties for resisting Bangladesh liberation and committing war crimes. Immediate arrest and justice for activists of Jamat-Shibir for threatening a civil war by identifying through television and print media pictures.
  4. Bring all the political parties, forces, individuals and organizations who are trying to safeguard these war criminals, resisting the trials and conspiring with them to justice.
  5. Arrest and bring under ICT Trials all the war criminals who were either convicted or undergoing trial till their release on December 31, 1975
  6. Ban all the business, social and cultural organizations like Islami Bank, Ibn SIna, Focus, Retina Coaching, etc. Block all the local and foreign sources of income of Jamat-Shibir. Shut down war criminal owned media organizations like Diganta TV, Daily Naya Diganta, Daily Amar Desh,  Daily Sangram, blogsite , etc.


Surjo Sotyadorshee

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How this will help

To bring rule of law in Bangladesh. To end a culture of impunity. To undo all the misdeeds done by the war criminals.


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