Sign the Petition to Anna Maria Chávez, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

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My name is Emma and I am an 11-year-old Girl Scout. I am very upset about the absolute wastefulness being exhibited by the Girl Scouts. You should be too!  First the Girl Scouts stopped me from collecting donations to send cookies to the troops.  Then the news started reporting videos of them throwing 13,000 boxes of cookies in the trash. Send those cookies to our troops!  Our troops are far away from their families. They deserve our love and sending them cookies is a great way to show them we care. The Girl Scouts has a history of throwing away the extra cookies and this year, we want them to go to the troops!  

Due to this petition, the Girl Scouts are trying to remove me from my troop. The recently revealed footage of girl scout cookies being destroyed was taken of boxes that used to belong to my troop council in San Gorgonio, California. I do not want to leave my troop, but I am not going to back down, even if they do throw me out.  Please help me show them that they cannot bully me and they cannot waste food.  Further, they should do everything possible to give back to our troops who help keep this country free so organizations like the Girl Scouts can even exist.


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