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This class of The Community School is initiating a long term project to establish a greenhouse to learn horticulture, grow food for the school, and sell plants to keep this project funded. We are in the final phase of the project having already raised $2,800 and are within reach of our goal of $4,500 to fully get this going. 

Several years ago we identified the need to improve the health of the students with nutritious foods. The students are at the school 10 hours a day and we make sure that there is a hot meal each day.  This is the next step in this process allowing the students to learn about growing food while supplying the school with fresh fruits and vegetables.

This project has been on the drawing board for several years. A deck has been built on the back of the building to locate the greenhouse. Everything has been done with volunteers and donated materials. We just ordered the greenhouse - a Riga llls that is suited to year round growing.  Now it's time to get this project up and running. Your help with this project will make a real difference.

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