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The Carlisle Theatre needs YOUR help. They are in a financial crisis and are struggling to keep their doors open. In addition they just launched a Capital Campaign in February 2013 in order to install the new required digital and sound equipment to continue to show movies and must make many repairs to keep the theatre in good running order including fixing the crumbling facade, the boiler and electric systems, fixing the aging interior, the alarm systems, plus more.  Information on the project can be found at www.savethecarlisletheatre.org .

Why save the Carlisle Theatre …

The historic Carlisle Theatre has been referred to as "the gem of downtown" since 1939. The Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center presents musical concerts, independent, foreign, and award winning films, live theatrical productions, and programming for children and families.
Plus, downtown businesses depend on the crowds attending the Carlisle Theatre.
Small town theatres are becoming more rare. Many more will close due to the digital revolution, so it is vital that Central PA keep the Carlisle Theatre alive for the generations to come

The solution... YOU !

Please consider making a donation to the Carlisle Theatre today.

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