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Community Call Event Planning enrichment programs (CCEP) enhance the preparation for college and careers by providing programs that apply learning in the context of business, connecting to business and the community, and promoting giving back to the community. We offer these courses to at risk high school students in the Greater Boston public and charter schools and at community centers throughout the City of Boston.

CCEP is not a lecture course but a total experience. Students learn to think creatively by removing barriers to thinking outside of the box. Creativity is stimulated by asking questions rather than by providing answers. Within a supportive environment, students learn to set aside preconceptions and egos to focus on developing original and well thought out ideas and build support as a team. Ideas are then evaluated through research, analysis and open discussion. By utilizing this process of evaluation and restructuring of ideas, students develop well thought out projects that can be supported and executed by the team. 

Students develop event concepts and then develop the event using marketing, finance, social media, public relations, and project management skills. The events are put on to benefit non-profits and the community. Each of these events require funding for insurance, set up, staffing, security, advertising, etc. We are looking for donations of any size to help fund these community events for the students. Please find out more about the program at and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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