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March and bring 10 more people to testify to love and speak truth to power.

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GO TO: Forward March: Light The Way To Justice

ACTION: March, recruit, write letters testifying to love to the Georgia General Assembly on the matter of marriage equality

WHO: All Georgians who consider themselves lovers and supporters of equality and human rights.

WHEN: Monday March 25th, 2013 6:30pm 

WHAT: 6:30pm-Barbecue Roundup to mingle, write letters if haven't yet, eat, get shirts, candles and form lines and rally. 8pm-Singing Civil Rights Hymns and candle-lit march to Supreme Court of Georgia. 9pm-Sermon, prayer vigil and collection of letters to be hand-delivered to Georgia state representatives and senators.

WHY: To testify to the truth of love at a time it is being persecuted. To express Georgian solidarity in support of this crucible historical moment of the entire 44 year long LGBT Rights struggle. On February 8th, the State of Georgia filed an amicus brief in defense of Proposition 8 (State Constitutional Marriage Descrimination in CA) It's about time we give our state a response on this. The Supreme Court Justices do need to be aware that the nation's eyes are watching them with great interest and the general attitude amongst the populous on this issue which is now favorable to us by a slight margin. I think it will help hedge against the temptation to consider the cases through the partial perspectives of their conservative attitudes towards this subject. It is to back them up against a wall, giving them the only option of viewing the cases in line with what the Constitution says or incur an even greater uproar and unrest worse than what was seen in 2008. At this point, I think they are worn down and tired of this and are ready to put this whole thing behind us. But I think one more good push will help ensure this sentiment. I am confident that if they line up the case with the constitution, we will win on both cases quite handedly and it may be over in Georgia too. I believe a strong Southern showing will help out this tactic a great deal, sense this is where DOMA was born from. "Truth without Power is tragedy. Power without Truth is tyranny." It is time for us to connect the Truth of our love to the Power of our numbers and write letters which will be assured delivery to members of the Georgia General Assemby to let them know what they are going to be dealing with if SCOTUS does not fix the problem entirely for us in Georgia.

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