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Send a Photo of a Wolf brutalized in a Trap or Gut Shot to my U.S. Senators & the President

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How this will help

They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- well, our 'words' have been ignored, as we have protested the wolf massacre with letters, phone calls, and petitions for the last 18 months.  It is time to give Washington a wake-up call and 'put it in their face' with a graphic photo of a tortured wolf -- the kind of photo that we view everyday, the kind of photo that brutalizes our sensibilities. 

We can choose from the photos attached here, or you may have your own -- accompany your photo with a short paragraph or a letter; frame the photo with cardboard or a cheap wood frame, or send it unframed, if you prefer; you can also send a screen shot of a POST from a trophy hunter or trapper who is expressing their disdain for wolves and over-the-top hatred of wolves.  

The note should have the talking point that 'the states have proven that they are not worthy of wolf management with their inordinate disdain and hatred of the wolf, expressed in gut shooting, brutalizing a trapped wolf, prolonging the pain and terror before the 'kill shot', boasting of how long and hard a wolf has suffered at their hands, poisoning wolves with Xylitol, and expressing that the only good wolf is a dead wolf --- and having a goal of extermination and not management.'

Three photos should be printed out -- 2 for each U.S. Senator of your state and 1 for President Obama.  This has to go snail mail - email won't be as effective as having an 8'x10' glossy in their hands!  

President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.  20500

To find your 2 U.S. Representatives click on this link, and put in your zip code and their contact information will come up--

Of course, be polite but determined, express that you appalled and that the management of wolves must be taken away from the states, and the wolves must be placed under federal protection---even creating a new 'class of protection' for them, due to extreme prejudice and persecution of the iconic American animals.

Even if you only send the paragraph above to accompany your photo, that will be enough.  

It is your right to express your outrage at your government's decision to expose these poor animals to the inhumane and brutal carnage they are suffering.  All elected officials work for the citizens----all of the citizens, not just the ranchers, hunters and trappers!

Many howls!!


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